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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Is there anything sweeter

Then newborns!   But this was double sweet 🙂  



And Pat…please don’t be mad…but I could not resist.  The look on your face was priceless and spoke volumns!   See, for those who are looking..Pat is the Daddy to these sweeties and as you can see he has his hands full.   My photographer friend added a cool texture to it, doesn’t it remind you of a Norman Rockwell painting!

Ok..I’m editing this to add a caption, courtesy of your sister in law who just emailed it to me:

“And you thought being a trooper was hard…”


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Cute times Three!

Thats right…Triplets!   I think my first as well!  I promised them if they got what mom and dad wanted that they can do some jumping ones at the end!   Thanks to my friend Libby for that trick as they thought it was so fun!



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Happy Birthday Baby M

Oh such a happy baby!  I photographed him at 5 months and I couldn’t wait for him to come back!  He loved his cake too!



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Sweetie that came in, and teething advice :)

Ahh…she was such a doll baby.  Poor thing was teething so bad though.  At 10 months she hasn’t had any teeth come in, so her Dr. thinks shes getting them all at once.   Thought I’d share one since she was such a trooper!   And since I get so many hits and readers to my blog, If you have any teething advice for her mommy…please post in the comments.  I’m sure we all have been there!


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Congrats baby Gracie

For being our new cover baby.  Be sure to check her out on my site in the next few days!  Don’t forget the remainder of my openings are posted on my site.  Dates are filling fast and there are only a few dates open in November already!


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