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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Is there anything sweeter

Then newborns!   But this was double sweet 🙂   And Pat…please don’t be mad…but I could notView full post »

Cute times Three!

Thats right…Triplets!   I think my first as well!  I promised them if they got what mom and dad wanted thatView full post »

Happy Birthday Baby M

Oh such a happy baby!  I photographed him at 5 months and I couldn’t wait for him to come back!  He loved hisView full post »

Sweetie that came in, and teething advice :)

Ahh…she was such a doll baby.  Poor thing was teething so bad though.  At 10 months she hasn’t had anyView full post »

Congrats baby Gracie

For being our new cover baby.  Be sure to check her out on my site in the next few days!  Don’t forget theView full post »

Last day to vote!

The cover baby contest will end tonight!  So be sure to vote!View full post »

Happy Birthday Ms. O

This was her second time here.  Age 2 always seems to be a tough age, but not for her!  She always sits so nice andView full post »

The sleepiest baby EVER!

I love sleepy newborns and this one took the cake.  He was sound asleep when he first got here and then let me mold andView full post »

Sweet Vintage Baby

Got this new hat (we all know how I love hats) and she was too perfect for it!  Had to put a little vintage coloring onView full post »

Sneak peek for Mommy B

We were just happy to get shots of them by themselves so the fact that they are all in one shot together is a huge bonusView full post »

July Cover Baby Contest

It is time to vote again for the Cover Baby (or kid) for my website! Each month the winner will appear for the month,View full post »

Recent Favorites

Just got a new backdrop, so you’ll see me using it alot because I love it!  Reminds me of a town in Italy andView full post »

Todays sweet newborn

Gotta love it when they sleep and curl up!  It took some time, but we finally got this sweetie down!  View full post »