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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Competition, Friendship and Baby Jacob

I’ve been meaning to share these for awhile but have been so busy, I think New Jersey has had a baby boom thisView full post »

Newborn Twins!- [NJ Multiples Photographer]

I have to admit with twins you never know how it will be…most often one is sleeping while the other is ready toView full post »

Happy Birthday Ms. A- New Jersey Baby Photographer

Would you believe I photographed 3 one year olds named Ava the past 2 weeks. I always loved that name! It was so greatView full post »

What a doll- NJ Baby Photographer

Doesn’t she look just like a little doll! The most amazing head of hair on this just 9 month old!View full post »

Now booking- Mommy and Me Sessions

This was such a huge hit last year… and even when I posted last minute about it, the dates filled up within a fewView full post »

Happy Birthday Mr. C- New Jersey Baby Photographer

One of my favorite families… Little baby C is celebrating his big First Birthday! Here he is a year ago and hereView full post »

[Day 10] New Jersey Newborn Baby Photographer

The newborn pallooza continued with this perfect little girl. Such sweetness! Slept perfectly and came with her 2 big (View full post »

[Day 11]- New Jersey Newborn Baby Photographer

  I photographed his big sister last year and she was such a joy to photograph.  And of course following in herView full post »

[Day 9]- Delaware Newborn Photographer

This family came so far…almost by Maryland! That is always so flattering. And Mom is a woman after my own heart!View full post »

[Day 9]- New Jersey Newborn Photographer

I couldn’t wait to meet this sweetie. Her big sister was apart of my Little Miracles Baby Plan. I didn’tView full post »

Happy Birthday Ms. Q- Delaware Baby Photographer

I remember this cutie at her newborn session…she had the best eye contact when she was awake…now celebratingView full post »

Miracle Twins turn ONE- NJ Baby Photographer

I posted about these two cuties last time they were in…born at 24 weeks at a pound each and here they areView full post »

I’m ONE! – New Jersey Baby Photographer

It is the newborn and first birthday week here! Makes me wonder what people in the tri-state area having going on in MayView full post »

Happy Birthday Ms. A- NJ Baby Photographer

You know how I love the “then and now” photos.. Ms. A then: and in this week for her First BirthdayView full post »