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Happy Holidays and The Giving is Awesome “winners”

Hope everyone has the most merriest of holidays!   Thank you to all my wonderful clients, those who come back year after year and those new ones who I can’t wait to see again.   It has truly been a blessing that I’ve been able to do a “job” that I love and to watch so many babies grow in to toddlers who grow in to young adults over the years.

On this day, as I quick jump on the computer to announce the winner for the giving is awesome contest… as my own children are all sitting with their toys playing quietly together (knowing they will be saying “I’m bored” in a few hours)… reading all the entries makes me realize how fortunate I am that they are heatlhy and how I feel fortunate to be doing a job that can give back and provide another family with memories to last a lifetime.

There were so many well deserving entries… enough that it may just become an annual if not quarterly thing I do.   I narrowed it down to three and rather then trying to even try and decide who was more deserving (because really,  you can’t decide that)   I’ve decided to “gift” three winners instead.   Each winner will receive their gift below, the person who nominated them will all receive 100 print credit…so instead of donating $3800 for the winner and $200 for the person who nominated them.. the grand total of donating is 11,400 in custom photography and $300 ($100 each) for the nominators.    I am looking forward to giving these families memories to cherish forever!

Without further delay… the “winners” and their stories.  I hope their stories touch your hearts as much as they touched mine this season.

Session 1 winner (to take place January-February 2009) Nominated by Beth C

I’m writing to nominate The xxxx Family of Stow Creek, NJ. The Meyers family consists of dad, Jim a NJ State Trooper, mother Heather, oldest son Jimmy, and youngest son Ryan. This family is the family that every family would strive to be. Jim and his wife Heather have one of “those” relationships. They have never fought and when he tells people she is truly his “best friend,” you get goosebumps, its that sweet. About 4 years ago their youngest son was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. At the time he was just 2 years old. The cancer is very aggressive so they removed the leg that had the tumor with hopes that Ryan would then be cancer free. But now about 4 years later it has returned. They have exhausted all means of treatment. To hear Jim talk about his family is just amazing. Its awesome to hear a former TEAMS member (SWAT) talk about his family with great emotion it just touches you. He is this tough guy with a throbbing heart worried sick about his little boy. Ryan is his Dads little “tough guy. They are a wonderful family and have been through so many ups and downs over the past 4 years and I think “Carrie” pictures of this family are the only type that would capture the real essence of the love this family has for each other. We just held a benefit at work to send them to Disney one more time. Ryan loves it there! They had a trip booked for this upcoming June, but they want to make sure Ryan can make it so they will use the money we raised to push the trip up. This family has been by this little boys side through thick and thin. Back and forth to CHOP for the last 4 years. I’m sure it has been a trying time but a time they are so happy to have with each other. To see that little boys smile captured on film would be AMAZING. To not think of his pain but to see that innocence. This is an innocence that in the upcoming months this family will need to get them through the toughest time of their lives and to help them with their future. This will capture and preserve their family memories for years and generations to come. And a photographer like you is what they need!! This little boy needs the care and compassion of a custom photographer. He has to be comfortable in order to let that beautiful smile shine. As a mother I’m so sure Heather would treasure these portraits for a lifetime. I hope that this family is granted your “Special Gift” they are truly deserving.


Session 2 winner (to take place March-April 2009) Nominated by Melissa L

I was reading your blog and immediately my neighbor came to mind, she has been going through a lot lately……….where do I start…..

Her name is xxxxx, very friendly and free spirited. She has 4 kids…..Gretchen (10), Doug (7-8), Zach (5) and Vivian ( 1 1/2). They moved across the street in April of last year. Vivian has a life threatening disease, SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) which was diagnosed in utero via amniocentisis. When Susan told me about Vivi she also mentioned that they had 2 other children who have passed away from this disease (I am not sure when). Vivi has physical and occupational therapy visits daily, is able to eat with a gastric tube, and requires a visiting nurse if Susan has to leave the house. Despite her illness, Vivi always manages to give a smile when greeted.

To make matters worse, Susan’s husband left them a few months after moving into the neighborhood. He has been involved with drugs and alcohol for some time, in which she was totally unaware. I know that financial issues are present as her husband was the sole provider……

I give Susan a tremendous amount of credit…her past and present burdens could not be handled by many. She continues to be positive and strong for the sake of her children….

I think she would truly value a photography session, especially capturing the children together…..

Have a wonderful holiday!!!! 

PS- If you choose Susan, I do not want the $200 credit, maybe we could order her a charm with a photo of the kids…….


December 26, 2008 - 12:48 pm

Amy M - Wow, Carrie I’m so glad your clients/readers chase to speak up and nominate these very special families. It reminds us how precious life is and really to be grateful. Great job offering this special gift. I’m sure we all wish we could do more. Happy Holidays

December 30, 2008 - 1:12 am

Danna - I have tears…..there are no words to describe the wonderful gift of memories you are giving these families.

December 30, 2008 - 8:13 am

PamN - Thank you for sharing their stories and for doing this for them! I will be praying for peace & strength for all of them.

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