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High Key Lighting Guide for Beginners


With over 2000 copies of my former ebook to high key lighting sold, I’ve decided to update it and make it even better and offer it again. I’m often emailed daily with questions on how I achieve my high key, what lights do I use, how I get my floor so white, etc. With 4 young children and a booming photography business, I don’t always have the time to respond to every question in full detail. With this guide I hope to answer everyone’s questions and provide detailed descriptions on what I do. With the information supplied in this guide it will help cut hours of guessing and what I had to go through when I first started out.

In this guide I will help you achieve the “high key” look (all white background). I will start out by advising you on what items to purchase, how to set up your lights, how to set up your background, white balance, what the ideal camera settings are, and how to use some Photoshop tips to whiten your background.

Since this is a beginners guide, no previous experience is needed but many long term professionals can still benefit from this guide if they have never shot with lights before.

upon receipt of payment, a PDF will be emailed to you.
Cost for Guide: $50 USD

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