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Mothers Day Contest Winner!

I must say it was so hard!  But here is the winner of the EMAPhotography gift certificate!  congratulations Stacy of Bordentown 🙂  Your sister-in-law sent this in and I thought it was so sweet!  thank you to all who entered!!  I will definitly do this again…hum…fathers day isn’t too far around the corner 😉

I am electing my sister-in-law Stacy to win this contest b/c she is the
nicest & sweetest person you would ever meet. I am serious when I say
that and anyone that meets her will also agree. I believe that if you
look in the dictionary under the word SWEET you will see Stacy’s face.
Or better yet I think they should change the name Stacy to mean sweet,
giving, thoughtful w/a heart of Gold.
Stacy has 2 children- Tommy 4 & Mia soon to be 2. And she is expecting
twins a boy and a girl in Mid August. So she will certainly have her
hands full. But what surprises me about Stacy is even though her plate
may be full, she would never let anyone down if they needed anything.
Everyone knows that they can depend on Stacy. Stacy can be running
around with a million things to do but would stop and ask if she can do
anything for you in the mean time. She is sooo giving that I think people
do take advantage of Stacy at times b/c they know that she will do
anything for you and wont say NO to anyone.
And being busy with her 2 kids and trying to do real estate at the same
time and carrying twins she still has time to watch my 3 kids. When I
am in a bind Stacy will take my 3 crazy kids and she doesn’t even
flinch. She does not even think twice about it- she is just more than
happy to do it. in fact my kids love her soooooo much that they call her Mama
I dont know what more to say about Stacy. To know her is to love her
and she is more than a friend or a sister-in-law to me she is my
“SISTER”. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I truly hope
that I can make her Mother’s Day by winning this contest for her. It
would make my Mother’s Day if she were to win this contest b/c she is a
remarkable person who is always giving and expects nothing in return.
I know that my essay probably didnt knock your socks off and was
probably repetitive but I warned you in the beginning but I hope that I
can do this for Stacy. I may not thank her all the time but I hope that
this could be a start.

May 14, 2007 - 5:55 am

Mary - Sounds like the perfect winner!

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