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Georgia’s Senior Session |Pennsbury High School

I loved photographing Georgia this past year.   She is fashionable,  great in front of the camera and an all around great kid.    I had the pleasure of capturing her Senior Photos.   As I tell all my prospective senior clients,  this is most likely he last photoshoot you will have that is all about you.   Thats why senior photos are so important.   They capture where you are at this time in their lives, before they soon are off on their own!    Book yours today 

New Jersey Senior Photographer

Teen Session | New Jersey Teen Photographer

I love working with Janice because as a mom she just get it.   She gets how important quality photography is and having images of your children to document and capture the stage of life they are in.     When she contacted me to photograph her daughter and her fellow freshman dance team members, of course I was excited.    Entering high school IS a big deal.   I loved watching their bond.   You can tell they’ve already spent a ton of time together.  Looking forward to recreating these images when they graduate in 4 years!  

Tween Self Esteem Project | NJ Tween Photographer

This past summer I did a tween casting call. I always had a soft spot for tweens because I have seen how painful the middle school years can be for so many. Trying to fit in, exclusion issues, body issues etc… The painful scars of the middle school years can last way into adult hood. I wanted to showcase what makes this age special, highlight their hobbies and interest. It was fun watching even the most introverted kids go from feeling shy, to even a little extroverted by the end of the session. Looking forward to doing this project again for the winter! Here are some of my favorite images from the project!

Rancocas Valley Dance Team Senior Shoot | Mount Holly, NJ Photography

Four years ago the coach of the Rancocas Valley Dance Team asked me to photograph the team.    I continued to do so for the next few years and this year I was able to do a special photoshoot for just the senior members,  those same girls I photographed that first year.    It was so fun creating a shoot just about them and the bond they all share.    Being on the Rancocas Valley Dance Team is a big commitment at RV.  There is a lot of dedication and good work ethic involved,  especially for an activity that is pretty much year round.     Hard work pays off as they are currently National Champions as well as the current State Champs as well.    




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