Newborn Information


For newborn sessions, the younger they are the better!  Newborns are best scheduled under 2 weeks old, preferably under 10 days in order to capture that true newborn “essense”.    After that time it gets harder to get them to sleep and “curl”.  It is always best to call or email to schedule your session before the baby arrives in order in insure availability.   We can set something up as tentative and then once the baby arrives we will schedule a specific date and time.    I leave room in my schedule each week for new arrivals, so last minute bookings are still possible.

What is your experience?
I’ve been a professional photographer for over 16 years. In that time I have photographed a few thousand babies. I’m experienced with newborn safety and have mentored photographers from across the country on posing, safety and business.

When should I book?
The best time to schedule your newborn session is now, before the baby arrives. Please call me early, about 1-2 months in advance to start planning for your custom photography experience. This will allow me adequate time to prepare for your special session, and ensure availability around your due date. We will then have a consulation to discuss any “must haves” that you wanted and plan out your session.

How will we choose a session day?
Since every baby will arrive on his/her own time, we will tentatively schedule your session around your due date, and then finalize the perfect day and time once you deliver. This will allow me to properly balance my schedule surrounding your due date so I can be available during those magical first few days of life after your baby has arrived.

What should I expect?
Newborn sessions are held within the first 2 weeks of life, ideally between days 6-10. Babies at this age are more sleepy and flexible and we are able to capture all those tiny details that are only present for a short time. A newborn session may last 2-3 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding, comforting, changing and posing.

What if I forgot to schedule in advance?
If you’ve already had your baby, please call me as soon as possible. There are times when my schedule will allow for last minute bookings.

What should I bring?
Honestly? If you show up with just the baby you will be fine! All my newborn sessions include full use of all my headbands, hats, swaddles and props. No need to go out and purchase anything that you will only use one time. With over 16 years in business I have a very large collection of props and accessories to choose from!