I am excited to start specializing in Tween Sessions!    As a mom to 4 kids, who are or have been through this “tween” stage,  it has become aware to me that there is a huge need in this world to showering this age with attention while focusing on all the things that makes them individuals.

The What?    Tweens are the ages between 9-13,  otherwise known as the “tween” years.    Not quite a teen and past that little child stage.    I call it the “forgotten” years for photoshoots.   All too often life gets busy,  or we think that they are past the cute cuddly baby stage and there is no need for photos.   Truth is,  I have found that this is one of the most crucial and formative years of childhood.

The Why?   Who remembers the middle school years?   Or should I say, who chooses to want to forget those years?   Who has a child who they are watching struggling to find out who they are,  who they want to be accepted for being who they are or just struggling to find their place.    This age is so hard in many ways.   Friendships change, hormones, school and activities become more rigorous.   Need I say more?     Then throw in the pressures of social media and its no wonder  self esteem at this age is at an all time low in this country.    My goal with my tween sessions is to make this age group feel pampered and special while also raising self esteem in the process.

The How?    First, once we book the date and time I will then forward your child a survey to fill out to help me get to know them better.   I want to know all their favorites, their interest, their friends, their hobbies and any struggles they are facing.  Don’t worry,  this is strictly confidential.    After I get to know them a bit, we will schedule a time to have a consultation where we plan out the session.   I want to capture them who they are and what they love because after-all, this session is all about them.    We will come up with a game plan together of what they will bring and what we will capture.   Have a pet?   Bring them.    Want to capture their sport or hobby?   Bring a uniform! The Session is 100% about them.

The During?  Sessions will last 1-2 hours.  This allows for outfit and backdrop changes.   Please do not stress over things like blemishes that happen right before the session,  those can be touched up.    I will then explain to your child how there is no right or wrong in my studio,  we will be capture many different looks,  facial expressions and there is absolutely NO “Say cheese” that takes place!  

The After?   After the session I will go through and edit roughly 25-35 images for you to view.   During this time I will ask you and your family members to provide some positive quotes about your child.    I encourage us to meet again so your child can view their own personal slideshow with images and these quotes and then we will go through the proofs together so you can narrow down your favorites.   Just be warned, its emotional not just the parents but also for the child seeing themselves looking like a model with the special attention.   They love it! 

Ready to book your child’s Tween Session? Message me today at Carrie@emaphotography.com

And a few of reactions to my Tween Shoots!

“Carrie,I just wanted to thank you again for such a fun afternoon yesterday. xxx had an absolute blast and is so excited to see the pictures! Thanks for being so great with her!”

“Hi Carrie,  thank you again for a super fun session with xxx.   As I mentioned she has been having some friendship issues this year.   It boosted her self esteem and really made her feel special.   She especially loved the Roller Skates.  We can’t wait to see them!”

“Can’t thank you enough for working with xxx this week.   Thank you for letting her bring her friends to watch.   I was skeptical about bringing them at first, but watching them watching her get all this attention actually made her feel even more special.”

“Carrie- xxxx had so much fun at his session.   As I mentioned at the session, he had just found out he didn’t make his middle school baseball team.   Doing this session came at the perfect time!”